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Staff Expertise
Our professional team of technology consultants can assist you in developing your web site to meet your complete business needs.

Your web site will be designed using your ideas and specifications in conjunction with our expert knowledge and years of "hands-on" experience. You will be pleased.

Here is where you can look back at some observations from a few years ago....still appropriate today? Are you ready for change?

bullet Small Business May Not Recognize the Playing Field in the Near Future
Don Daughters, Director of World Wide Small Business
- IBM Corporation 1998

Small business may not recognize the playing field in the near future. The Internet and other technologies will restructure  industries and draw new competitors into the fray. The Internet is raising the bar on the level and speed of service that customers have come to expect. Don't avoid it because if you do you will be at a tremendous competitive disadvantage".

bullet The Web Changes Everything
Paul and Sarah Edwards in Income Opportunities 1998

"The future of small business is a connection to the Internet. Those who aren't getting involved in the "net" are limiting their growth potential. It is now in the schools, so young people won't have the resistance to it that some adults are still showing. If you rely only on print ads, you are dooming your business. And it's unlikely that anything will cause it to roll back to the way things used to be"

bullet Protecting Your Company
 Michael Zarrabian in Beyond Computing - September 1998

"The Internet is rapidly becoming a business necessity. Not having a web presence is like not having a company brochure or business cards, and operating without e-mail is almost as bad as being without a telephone"

bullet Death-spiral fears for traditional banks?
Don Tapscott in Computerworld - October 1998,

"Propelled by technology, banking is transforming itself at a pace and scale that have no precedent. In predictable, Darwinian fashion, those banks that refuse to adapt and exploit the Net will likely enter a death spiral from which there is no escape". That grim scenario was mapped out by Bank of Montreal Chief Technology Officer Lloyd Darlington in Blueprint to the Digital Economy.

bullet Why do I need a Web Site and How do I get one?
  Database Design

Database design and development are specialty items that we have the expertise to meet your business needs.

   Your success

We are committed to your business success as we are business professionals who understand business processes and we will meet your agreed upon deadlines.

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